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About us

ION Solutions is an engineering company which has been oriented towards designing and integrating the Smart Home and Smart Building system for over 15 years, with a continual increase in energy efficiency in accordance with the most modern world trends. At the same time, the company is involved in developing software for the intuitive and simple usage of these systems, which supports all the most significant protocols and provides all the functionalities which our clients request.

The focus of our work is on designing, integrating and maintaining different IT solutions intended for monitoring systems of high complexity in a modular and transparent way. By gaining knowledge in the field of state-of-the-art technologies and developing through constant challenges on the IT market, ION Solutions has developed into a company of great potentials.
The strength of the company lies in the vision in which time and knowledge pose the greatest virtue. Our vision is technology that aims to make life better and simpler, as well as socially richer. Our priority lies in establishing a long-term relationship of trust with the buyers and associates, along with high-quality business relations with our partners.

The continuity and pursuit of new technological solutions that make daily life and work easier are part of our everyday routine here in ION Solutions. Our company uses the latest technologies in search of new ways and possibilities of achieving such simplicity. We offer expertise and have experience in the integration of different technologies as a whole.

"Partner of the year" HDL (2019)

The HDL company held an international conference in Guangzhou at which 45 distributers from all parts of the world took part. Due to the business policy that we adhere to and the business success that we have enjoyed over the years, we won the prize for the partner of the year and thus confirmed our obvious quality in the field of automating smart homes and buildings.

"Project of the year", HDL (2018)

HDL is an international company that integrates systems for smart homes and smart buildings with the aim of providing an intelligent system that implies the automation of residential and commercial facilities, hotels, shopping centers, etc. At the international company held every year in Guangzhou, which gathers all the HDL distributers from all parts of the world, we won the award for Maestral project in Montenegro that won the title of the best project of the year.

Master EcoXpert-a, Schneider Electric (2018)

The obvious quality that the ION company possesses in the field of integrating building management systems (BMS) and smart home solutions was confirmed in Boston when Schneider Electric won the Master EcoXpert title. We can proudly say that, on getting this award, we became one of the 30 companies in the world with the title of Master EcoXpert.

"Project of the year", Schneider Electric (2017)

Schneider Electric is an international company that offers digital solutions for energy and automation for efficiency and sustainability. At the conference held by the Schneider Electric company in Budapest, we received a prize for the project Portonovi in Kumbor, which was named the best project of 2017.

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