Radio – television Vojvodina is the regional public broadcaster in the Serbian province of Vojvodina and has a headquarters in Novi Sad. The need of workers for simpler and more functional management of heating and cooling, as well as the need for cost optimization, initiated the implementation of a central system for supervision and management CSNU (SCADA).

That means that there is a central unit, ie. a server on which it is possible to monitor and manage all subsystems belonging to the BMS project that are implemented on the SmartX Controller As-P with the necessary modules.

This system is used to control and monitor the air conditioning subsystems of which there are 15, zone controllers SE8300 on the floors from basement to roof, lighting control and ventilation on the floors from basement to roof, substation in the building (boiler room, heating substation) and PMS ( power monitoring system).

PMS is implemented as one of the subsystems that allows monitoring the consumption and condition of all major elements from the transformer station to the technical rooms per facility. PMS stores all data from the beginning of operation in a database from which it is possible to read the desired parameters at any time.


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