VIP Mobile Data Center is the third mobile operator with the fastest mobile network in Serbia. For the purpose of monitoring alarms from devices in two data centers in Belgrade and Kragujevac, a SCADA system was implemented, which is connected to the existing BMS systems in both cities.

The task of the new SCADA system was to combine important statuses from devices from both data centers into one display in such a way that data can be accessed without a physical presence on the object. A new SCADA has been implemented on Schneider Electric's Enterprise Server, and via Modbus communication, it is possible to read the status from the device in both data centers.

The Enterprise Server is accessed via the web, from the local network, so that all users who have VPN enabled network access, can access the server from any location and monitor statuses from the device on SCADI, either from a computer or mobile phone, and all they need for that is a web browser.