Belgrade Waterfront is located on the east bank of the Sava River, across from New Belgrade and covers an area of 143 000 square meters and 3 600 parking spaces equipped with shops on the ground floor, first and second floor, a restaurant overlooking the river and a cinema that occupies more of 4 000 square meters.

In order to improve air quality and easier management of air chambers, the EcoStruxture software has been implemented, which manages 36 air chambers related to the preparation of air for visitors, shops, garages and other rooms. We also operate 2 cooling plants that serve to prepare water according to WSHP units located in the premises. In both cooling plants there are circulating pumps that distribute water to air chambers, WSHP units and for the preparation of sanitary water. Within the plant there are gas boilers that are used for heating the building and for the preparation of hot water.

There are 3 transformer stations on the building, where the status of all switches that go to consumers is monitored. In the event of a breakdown, employees receive notification of where the damage occurred.