Luxury smart apartments

Luxury smart apartments have carefully selected subsystems, more modern models of multifunctional panels, sensors and the option of managing the apartment with voice commands. Does this mean that luxury smart apartments have just about everything ION Solutions has to offer? Well - no. All you need to do is work with the ION Solutions team and make the project suitable for your space.

Automation and luxury smart apartments

Of course there are exist. Our references offer really many such apartments. We will take as an example this common housing unit where there are several apartments.

stambena zgrada

In this residential building, we have implemented a Smart Home system so that each residential unit adapts to those needs that need to be met in order to facilitate everyday activities.

This smart building includes the following subsystems:

Choice of a user interface for luxury smart apartments

If we take the example of this luxury residential building, the tenants opted for multifunctional touch-sensitive panels. With multifunctional panels, I can easily control the operation of blinds, curtains, awnings, lighting, creating and running the created scenario, as well as heating and air conditioning. Since the tenants realized that they would spend most of the working day outside their apartments, they added to their choice the Magiesta application, which is easy to use on mobile phones and is also available for IOS and Android operating systems.

Luxury smart apartments with multiple implemented subsystems

This is a really modern building that contains luxury apartments and luxury business premises. In this project, the aim was for a very attractive and modern design and enviable qualities of construction, (as well as automation), which the Smart House could provide.

Exing Home

According to the project, automation dictated the installation of the following subsystems:

  • The water valve (allows the activation of the "exit from the house" scenario, which excludes the inflow of water. This is an ideal way to reduce potential damage if any failure occurs in water installations.)
  • Boiler contractor (enables optimization of electricity consumption in accordance with cheap and expensive electricity tariff)
  • One heating zone (where the desired room temperature is set via the application or using a DLP smart multifunction panel of the modern series, which saves electricity. Flexibility in using this function is reflected in the ability to set the desired temperature for each apartment separately.)
  • One group of sockets (using a predefined program or leaving the house, the sockets can be "set" to a voltage-free state so that the household will no longer have to worry about household appliances that may have remained on.)

Dnevna soba

  • Lighting switch (The lights are turned off using the Magiesta app or the "get out of the house" scenario. Upon returning to the apartment, there is an option for a "welcome scenario" that can turn all the lights back on when you start.)
  • Unique split air conditioning system (split system includes 3 programmed modes of operation (fast and slow heating, fast and slow cooling, as well as switching off heating/cooling) so that space can be cooled and heated even when users are not in the building.
  • MP3 files of audio sources and internet radio (allow users to adjust the ambience of the apartment in accordance with the existing audio system and further adjust it according to needs and mood by simply activating the script.)
  • Motion sensors (This is one of the most useful systems that act as alarm systems.)
  • Automation of all blinds (weather conditions and operating scenarios dictate the time for automatic raising and lowering of blinds. This is useful because it protects users from "overheating the space" by solar heat but has enough light in parts of the day when the sun is not strong. blinds protect users' privacy when they wish.)
  • Viber notification instead of alarm (arrives when the sensor detects movement after the "leave the house" scenario is activated, ie when no activity in the living space is expected.)