Of all the subsystems that are available as part of your home automation project, i e. smart homes, most talk about air conditioning and ventilation. Although it is often said that these two subsystems, if automated, provide the highest percentage of saved electricity every month, it does not always have to be so. Depending on the project and how users will adopt the automation system to their needs, different systems can be said to play a key role in energy savings. 

But the air conditioning system and the ventilation system indeed attract the most attention in the spring and summer months when it comes to potential users, and there is a very clear reason why this happens. Namely, in the summer months, we are all already eager to rest and it means a lot to us that at least one of our daily obligations - "does itself".

Which existing air conditioning system can be automated?

It is almost irrelevant which air conditioning system you have in your home before automation. Based on many years of experience, we can successfully connect all existing air conditioning systems into one system.

Even when different equipment and different customer requirements are integrated - the automation process into one whole is still very certain. So far, we have successfully managed to "split" air conditioning systems, fan coil systems, centralized air conditioning systems and air conditioning systems with air conditioning chambers.

What will be different after the automation of your home and the automation of the air conditioning system in general, is - the way of management. The user interface supported by the Smart House includes voice, application, user panel and sensor control.

klimatizacija, fan coil. automatizacija

The smart home system is designed to establish the automation of the air conditioning itself according to the wishes of the users, but at the same time, taking into account the optimal temperature (based on the outside temperature) and the conditions of using of the facility.

We have already talked about it, but one of the biggest advantages of a Smart Home will certainly be the option of creating the ideal temperature for each zone in the building, as well as "entering a certain time and temperature into the system" that will dictate when the air conditioning system will turn on/turn off.

How does automation work when it comes to a ventilation system?

Automation, which involves a smart ventilation system, is the most common reason for conversations with clients who want to do large automation projects. This includes projects for catering facilities, health or educational institutions, and sometimes even ventilation system projects for work halls that are part of a factory.

Ventilacija hala Custom

Since we are talking about the ventilation of a space that is much larger than the living space, it is very clear that the focus here is always on how to provide ideal temperature conditions and high air quality that will circulate, and still take care of maximum energy savings. In such situations, the option of programming the automatic mode in the time period of cheaper electricity tariffs is most often used - then is when the ventilation processes are placed at their maximum capacity while in periods of more expensive tariffs they are in some working optimum.