Although at the very beginning it seems that the introduction of home automation in your household is a very complicated, demanding and expensive process, it is, if we scratch the surface a little deeper, above all a very affordable and accessible system that integrates very easily into facilities under construction as well as in already existing facilities.

After all, the basic benefits of home automation are convenience, control, efficiency and safety.

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Today, the Smart House system is being increasingly implemented in residential and commercial buildings because of the advantage that is reflected primarily in saving energy and not because of comfort and luxury, which is a common misconception.

In order to easily control home automation, you do not need any technical knowledge as home automation is software configured in such a way that even older members of your household who are not up to date with modern technologies can use all of its advantages easily and stress-free.

Although the Smart Home system is applicable to households that have one or more members, the greatest potential of home automation is that it is very easy to adapt and change according to the current activities of each household member. On the other hand, we should not forget the advantage of accessing and controlling all devices in situations when you are not at home.

If we want to have a simple way of controlling a home automation system, all it takes to get started is to find the perfect place for the control panel and install the IOS or android application on your smart phone.

The fact that you can control several devices at the same time with just one push of a button speaks volumes about how easy it is to use the Smart Home system. At just one click of a button, the home automation system will allow you to control the heating/cooling of the living space, adjust the lighting to your needs (switching on/turning off the lighting and adjusting the light intensity), play your favorite music, raise or lower the blinds and awnings, etc.

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In addition, all of these items can be part of many scenarios that you can easily create yourself for when you come into the apartment after a workday or when going to bed. In addition, the app allows you to control the television in your home, have an insight into the surveillance and security cameras in and around your home, and activate or deactivate the security alarm if necessary. Also, the system is specially configured to receive notifications of potential accidents (floods, fires, or any damage to the home) that may occur in your home during your longer or shorter absence. Some of the little things that are part of the application due to their practicality are the insight into public cameras around the world and the weather forecast.

The listed items should already give you a kind of feeling of "reducing" the number of operational things in one day, but we should not forget that the Magiesta application was developed and is suitable for many other things. For example, it provides insight into your email, keeps track of updates to the content of your favorite e-magazine, and even gives you the opportunity to keep record of how much electricity you have saved through automation.

Home automation, as the main goal of its system, offers the simplification of operationally small tasks that take valuable time during the day. Primarily, though, it helps us use electricity and heat space more economically and, thus, affects our home budget.

If, so far, it seemed to you that you needed to work more after introducing home automation, we hope that we have managed to explain to you what our whole idea is actually about ̶ relieving the household of operational tasks and creating more free time for moments to spend with your family.