What are smart irrigation systems?

Spring and summer are periods when growing vegetables, fruits or other seedlings in bulk is not possible without water "at the right time". In order to make vegetable production as profitable as possible, investing in a smart irrigation system has proven to be the best and most profitable solution. Therefore, a system of pipes was implemented, a system of automatic switching on/off of water applied to seedlings, ie. In general, the supply of water from wells/water pipes to seedlings at a certain time through automation is a smart irrigation system.

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Irrigation systems and water savings through a smart irrigation system

There are several possibilities when we talk about the system of watering seedlings. Each seedling requires special amounts of water, and it often differs in the way the systems will "release" water and adapt to those needs. Whichever system you choose (drip system or sprinkler system throughout the greenhouse), the smart home definitely works on its "Turn on / off" principle with its automation system.

How does automation affect the irrigation system?

Automation facilitates the watering system. Once you have implemented a pipe system and chosen how your watering system will water the seedlings, all you have to do is choose which way to initiate the on or off of the watering system suits you best.

  • If we determine in advance when the water supply on/off program starts, we can use the multifunction panel or the Magiesta application
  • If we use a system with automatic measurement of soil moisture, the indicator can turn on the watering itself.

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Which seedling watering automation system can you find in the Smart House system?

The smart home has an irrigation system that can be very easily implemented in any area that has a water connection nearby. So far, we have mostly done the automation of irrigation systems when watering backyard greenery, but the principle of irrigating greenhouses is quite similar to that. You can set the "water start" via multifunctional panels, via the Magiesta application, but also via sensors that determine the level of humidity in the ground. Once you create a scenario and use it to determine when the irrigation system should be turned on. off, your daily watering obligations at a given time of day will be reduced to just one click.

What happens in the months when we don't need an irrigation system?

The irrigation system of the Smart House cannot be "broken" by standing. Once we install the system, we guarantee that it will work from season to season. The irrigation system is not spent and has no limited shelf life for one season. When you don't need it, the irrigation system can be idle.

Can I turn on the watering system even when I'm not at home?

Yes, and that is one of the biggest advantages of the Smart House irrigation system. Watering of seedlings is often done at certain time intervals, and sometimes it is very early in the morning, and sometimes late in the evening. It's good to know that you don't have to be with the seedlings while the watering system is working. You can sleep longer in the morning, but also go for an evening walk while the irrigation system works for you.