The Smart Home, with its entire system, can cover even the smallest functions of its basic task: saving electricity and automating some basic tasks that have, so far, been a burden for the household.

Generally speaking, when we talk about alarm systems and some desired level of security that an automated household can provide, it is important to divide the options that provide us with security into two branches: standard functions and complex functions.

What are the standard functions of an automated household alarm system?

When we say "standard functions", we mean those functions that will be systematically integrated into most households. The following options are usually found here: the telephone alerts in case of alarm conditions, activation of the alarm, zoning of space with sensors, as well as video surveillance that gives you a detailed report on the situation in the house.

Telephone alarms are set so that the Smart Home system itself is created to allow automatic calls or send an SMS to pre-selected numbers, regardless of whether you are in roaming or not. This standard function has the task of informing you whether your home is the target of a burglar, or whether a flood has occurred or a fire has broken out.

Activating the alarm can also be convenient in cases when one of the household members is in the house. This way, you will be warned if an uninvited guest has entered one of the front doors connected to the alarm system. In addition, statistics say that alarms open frighten burglars because, besides you, alarms are also heard by neighbors who most open rush to help in such situations.

Sensor zoning allows you to secure all or only certain areas of your home with an alarm. This way, the alarm system can provide you with security (e.g. only the main entrance door). It is realistic that you can provide security in all rooms that have doors and windows so that you are completely safe. After all, one of the main motives that guided us when we created alarm systems was the safety and security of our children. This is most open the reason why many of our clients opt for an alarm system.

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Video surveillance in case of alarm activation is only one of the functions provided by the camera inspection subsystem. In addition to always having an insight into the status overview via the Magiesta application, in the event of an alarm being activated, video surveillance can be set to make a video and audio recording of the action that activated the alarm system.

Complex functions of automated household alarm system

Activating or deactivating the alarm system will ensure that the lighting is switched on/off, lowering/raising the blinds, closing/opening all the curtains, and even activating the warning via an audio system that serves to play music in everyday conditions. So, if a persistent and undesirable guest arrives at the house, it may happen that some of the pre-programmed scenarios will scare him/her away.

Besides that, you will be instantly notified of a burglary, wherever you are via the Magiesta app.

The scenario "Going on vacation" is, for example, the simplest preventive system with a simple function of simulating the presence of tenants in the house. This scenario can be created to follow some household habits - raising the blinds in the morning, turning on the music around noon, watering the grass in the early evening, turning on the lights when the sun goes down and even lowering the blinds if there is a usual time when the family goes to rest.

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The Panic function means that a simple click of the Panic button which can be physically placed in the places you think are best for it or can be activated using an app or multifunction control panel, activate the Piezo alarm and automatically call systemically entered phone numbers and notify someone about the alarm condition around or in the house.

Today, statistics show that burglars avoid Smart Homes. Apart from the fact that it is impossible to outsmart the alarm system and smart home software in general, there is a great possibility that some of the created scenarios will always be one step ahead of the burglar's plan. Whenever we think about what the strongest security trump card is, we always agree that it is simply the fact that the smart home system is ready for everything.