The Scenario (Macro) is generally the most popular and we can freely say - the most attractive function of the Smart Home system. Macro is a programming scenario in which several events are connected in one sequence, which can be activated with one click on a multifunctional panel or mobile phone. Very quick and easy adjustment of the atmosphere to the current activity and mood of the household is one of the reasons for frequent use of these scenarios.

You can launch the desired scenario via a multifunction panel, voice with the help of a virtual assistant Alexa, the Magiesta application or a motion sensor, which detects your movement.

upravljanje rasvete preko mobilnog telefona

The New Year's atmosphere on the click is the scenario most used in the Christmas and New Year holidays season, it can be created to activate only one function, but it can also enable the activation of several devices at the same time. Starting this macro means turning off the main lighting in the room, reducing the intensity of lighting in decorative lighting, adjusting the ambient lighting to the desired color, closing the curtains, turning on the projector and lights on the Christmas tree.

When we combine all these actions into one scenario, it will be enough to just choose "New Year's atmosphere" and the Smart House system will make sure that the rest of the evening with our loved ones is pleasant.

Novogodišnja atmosfera

We want the New Year to be more successful than the previous one and to always be accompanied by health, love and happiness. Also, we want you to use all available user interfaces as much as possible to make your life easier, to have more activated scenarios for afternoon nap and evening socializing with friends in the New Year, and for Alexa to activate Christmas tree lights for many, many more years!