Automation of small apartments

There is a prejudice that we face almost every day - it is NOT worth doing automation for a small apartment. But our years of experience say the opposite. A small area of an apartment, business premises, studio or studio will never be an obstacle if the automation projects are well designed and as such, presented to a potential client.

Moreover, in the last couple of years, the automation of small apartments has become a real hit among savers. We spent a few days talking to our clients about the reasons why they decided to automate a small apartment and we got really a lot of useful information in the form of honest answers.

Here is the conclusion:

When we say small apartment, the most common associations are: peace, comfort, warmth, coziness, privacy, small amounts of money needed for monthly bills and small maintenance costs.

But when we say smart small apartment, we have the following associations:

• cleverly used space,
• smart electricity consumption,
• Really low fixed costs and
• great practicality.

Now you have a clear advantage of automating small apartments, right?

Smart house in smart small apartment projects


small living room

When automating a small apartment, it is most often the automation of lighting, heating, cooling, water heaters, shutters and control by one central panel and the Magiesta application.

Our experience so far has shown that the automation of small apartments is a really quickly worthwhile investment since it does not require much investment and the first results of savings on a monthly basis are immediately noticeable.

It is important to note that it has been shown, through our practice, that it is best to start with such projects while the small apartment is still under construction, since the change of already furnished, ie. completed apartments can bear the costs of adapting them to the system itself before the installation of selected subsystems, and these are, logically, additional and unplanned costs that our clients often forget.


Big city - small apartment

As more and more residents concentrate in big cities (work, schooling ...), there are more and more small, smart apartments. Living in a big city can often cost you much more than living in a small town or village, so automation projects are one way to reduce some “fixed” costs as much as possible.

The small apartment cools down quickly, heats up quickly and is really easy to maintain at some optimum in terms of energy consumption, and is therefore ideal for automation projects.

One of the reasons why small apartment owners in big cities opt for automation is the fact that they spend really little time in the apartment during the day. This means that there is no need for their apartment to be heated or cooled during the whole day, but for the optimal temperature to be provided only when it is needed, that is. when the tenant is present. The same goes for the lighting and operation of certain devices in the phases of "cheap" electricity.

All these options, for which the smart house is known, can be combined. It is really a rare situation where one subsystem is conditioned by another subsystem. Automation gives you the option to decorate your small apartment according to your preferences and needs, but also your budget.