Lately, more and more agencies have special offers - renting outsmart apartments. Smart apartments are living spaces in which the automation of some or all subsystems that correspond to the available space is built. The good side of automation is that it cannot be "taken off the wall", taken away, or alienated from the apartment for rent. Apart from the fact that smart apartments have become synonymous with luxury, they are also synonymous with great energy savings and environmental awareness. So, apart from the fact that "overnight stay" in such apartments is paid much more than in apartments that are not automated, the costs of maintaining smart apartments are much, much lower.

Renting smart apartments for a certain number of days

We cannot say that this "trend" has been present on our market recently because it has always been present. Residential and business premises have been rented out since ancient times. However, the current trend is valid for "competition" between landlords, who will offer a more luxurious, nicer, and larger apartment. Lately, the price has been affected by the degree of automation of the space that is being rented out. The higher the degree of automation, the higher the price.

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What kind of apartments are most often in demand

The most sought-after apartments are those that can be operated by voice commands. Apartments that we manage using smartphones or multifunctional panels. Apartments that are in modern buildings, with modern, spacious elevators. Apartments with large terraces, large windows, and lots of light are especially in demand. The desirable interior is only a couple of basic pieces of furniture, but - the household machines must be of the most modern series and smart technologies.

Renting smart apartments with the Smart House system

Our research has shown that apartments with a built-in Smart House system are rented out very easily, very quickly and often tenants are interested in renting an apartment for a longer period. Namely, apartments that are automated are in great demand on the market due to energy efficiency and ease of managing living space.

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Smart housing and market innovation

Renting smart apartments is definitely a great success in the market. Automation ie. The Smart Home system can capture only some elements but also, automation can be complete. Increasingly, homeowners are opting for full automation, which means installing all subsystems that match the space. Simply put, the investment necessary to install all the subsystems pays off very quickly if space is rented. For a day, for a week, or a year - it doesn't matter. The market is really eager for smart apartments, and every time we try to do our best to make all the projects we work on unique.