The Smart home, as a synonym for the automation of residential and business space, was created as one of the projects of the company Ion Solutions. Since 2004, this company has been operating more and more successfully in Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Albania and Macedonia.

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In addition to modern automation software solutions, ION Solutions pays special attention to adapting the design to each space in which automation is introduced. The main motto of the company is to save electricity, increase the efficiency of available electricity, but also to develop an awareness of its responsible consumption. The essence we are looking for, when it comes to home automation, can be found in the desires of Ion Solutions to provide convenience, better control, efficiency, and safety. First of all, home automation should not be "another thing" you should buy for your home, but an investment in making your home works for you.


Of the key advantages of the smart home system, ie. automation, one of the really useful items is the simple user interface. All users, no matter how great or small their previous knowledge of modern digital technology, easily and in a short time master the command and control of the subsystem. If we are talking about the most useful segment, everyone will agree that it is the savings that you achieve through automation. In addition to money, you also save electricity, ie. you reduce the consumption of the same. The smart home is designed to save maximum energy when users are in an automated space but also keeps the automated space at an operating minimum when users are away.

Smart home subsystems available

A look at the list of available subsystems tells us what can really be automated in our home:

Lighting (regulated by on / off commands, and by smoking, ie adjusting the desired light intensity)

Air conditioning (air conditioning system management)

Ventilation (control of ventilation systems)

Floor heating (regulation of the optimal heat source according to the outside temperature and conditions of use of the automated space)

Blinds and awnings (synchronization of motorized curtains and blinds, blackouts or awnings)

Alarm and camera inspection (in case of burglary, fire, flood ...)

Scenario (which connects several events in one sequence, which are activated with one keystroke and executed one after the other in the desired order)

Music (music control on multiple audio zones)

Swimming Pool (control of the desired water temperature and the automation will control the system and maintain that temperature)

Irrigation system (soil moisture measurement and system activation when automatically programmed)

Energy consumption (control of various elements based on current values ​​of parameters such as temperature, user presence, amount of daylight, which would be impossible to achieve by manual control)


Smart home user interface

Voice control

 Alexa ie. Siri is a virtual assistant that manages voice commands. For example, when going to sleep, you only need to say: "Alexa, good night" in order for the virtual assistant to turn off the lights, set the heating/cooling to the desired temperature and lower the blinds.

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Control of application

For the needs of control of automated systems that are located in residential and business premises, special software has been developed, ie. application. Magiesta is a really powerful software for home computers and smartphones. It is used successfully for central device control, communication and security. This application, which was created by the expert team of ION Solutions developers for the Smart House project, is available for both Android and iOS systems. The great advantage of this software is that by purchasing one license, you get the opportunity to use the application on multiple devices (phones, tablets, laptops). It is very easy to use, that is, no additional training is needed for you or your family to use it.

Control of multi-functional panels

 Multifunctional panels are, to put it simply, smart panels with LCD screens that have classic keys and touch-sensitive keys. Each panel has a built-in thermostat based on which the temperature in the room where the panel is located is measured. Depending on the devices you want to control in a particular room, you also choose a panel that will fit perfectly into your interior and support all the desired functionalities.

Full touch

Sensor control

Sensors are devices that detect even the smallest changes in the environment and, based on them, give commands to the Smart Home system, in order to initiate the desired action. Currently, sensors are widely used in everyday life and are increasingly used in the automation of residential/commercial spaces. They are mostly used for lighting control, temperature measurement, as well as for alarm systems.

Introduction of automation

Although at the beginning it seems that the introduction of home automation in your home is a very complicated, demanding and expensive process, it is, if we dig a little deeper, above all very accessible, easily organized with a professional team, and most importantly - will not be it takes a long time for installation settings.

The introduction of automation is done by the team behind the Smart House project. Automation is being successfully introduced in spaces that are still under construction, in spaces that are being renovated, but also in residential / business spaces to which only one of the subsystems needs to be added without "evicting" people who normally live in those spaces.pametna kuca, usteda elektricne energije, stednja, ion solutions, pametni stan

Following the most popular subsystems, we can say that some "basic" package offered by the Smart House provides the following possibilities:

• Lighting / shutter control
Up to 15 lighting groups / 7 blinds groups, and up to 4 smoke groups. In lighting control, we can combine the control of blinds, which in combination with lighting can make up to 15 groups. The method of automation of lighting / blinds depends on the scenario that you can create in the way that suits you best.

• Maintaining large consumers
For example. boiler in lower tariff mode. In addition to controlling large consumers, the emphasis is certainly on optimizing their work, as these are the appliances we use every day. With automation, you will have an insight into the status of the device and automatic on / off depending on the change of the lower electricity tariff.

• Temperature optimization
Air conditioning, ventilation and heating are possible by control, ie. using any user interface. In this way, it is possible to prepare the ideal room temperature even before your arrival, via the Magiesta app. Energy savings by temperature optimization is even up to 30%.

• Audio and video device control
The smart home system itself, that is. space automation has the ability to control but also synchronize all devices that have an IR receiver.

• Assigning commands via software
Modern touch devices and Magiesta software enable the integration of all subsystems and ease of operation. The software enables easy creation of scenarios using the visual menu, selects the room for which the script will be valid, but also very easily manages individual devices.