With the reconstruction of the Karadorđe Stadium, the lighting of the city stadium was modernized. 4 poles, 45 meters high, were added, and 72 reflectors were mounted on each pillar. In addition to the spotlights on the pillars, 28 spotlights were mounted on the canopy above the stands. In total, 316 2KW reflectors were installed at the stadium, which were designed in accordance with the requirements of UEFA for football and the IAAF for athletics. The BMS system includes spotlight monitoring and control.

All key parameters for the operation of the reflector (positions of switches, fuses and contactors, temperature and humidity in the reflector poles, ventilation control, etc.) are monitored. Different modes of operation of floodlights for football and athletic training have been defined, ie matches with and without TV transmission, as well as a hot-restriction mode in case of loss of mains power and switching to aggregate power supply.