The production and business facility of the company Elektrovat from Čačak consists of two manufacturing halls and a business administrative part with a total area of 1550 square meters. The HVAC system is based on renewable energy sources. Water from wells is used for heat transfer with heat pumps for heating and cooling. An underfloor pipe system has been installed in the facility for passive cooling and the heat pump in combination with a fan coil apparatus. The external aluminum sunshades have been installed as protection against insolation. The interior lighting is equipped with LED lamps with which it communicates via the DALI protocol. A solar power plant with a total installed power of 55 kW was installed on the roof of the building.

The BMS system installed in the building controls:

  1. The substation with cascading control of heat pumps, electric valves, circulation and well pumps,
  2. The external aluminum blinds based on light intensity and temperature within the premises,
  3. the internal and external lighting,
  4. The heating and cooling by zones,
  5. The DALI lighting control,
  6. In the meeting and exhibition rooms, the touch screens have been installed for the control of DALI lighting, blinds, the temperature in the room, with the possibility of executing scenarios and maintaining the same level of light during the day.