MGallery Hotel, which is located in Plovdiv, consists of 3 floors with 61 accommodation units which comprise 13 larger apartments and 48 single-bed and two-bedrooms, 2 meeting rooms, the inside and outside the restaurant, SPA center and gym.

The whole hotel was automated in order to create a sense of complete pleasure and comfort for the guests as well as to facilitate work for people from the reception. They were enabled to see the status of each room at any moment.

Motion sensors are located inside of rooms and they activate the welcome scenario once they detect a person who has entered the room and groups of ambient lights are activated and the blinds are raised. On leaving the room, if the sensor doesn’t detect motion for longer than 10-15 minutes, the leaving scenario is activated and it turns off all the devices in order to reduce the consumption of energy and consequently the expenses. With the help of magnetic contacts, we have information about the status of the windows, which is important for maximizing energy saving. If one of the windows is open, you are not allowed to turn on the heating or cooling.

In addition, a smart touch sensitive central panel, which has 6 buttons for lighting control, heating, cooling and blinds, is located in the rooms next to the front door and it can activate the scenarios. Apart from this central panel, there are touch sensitive panels, with a master button above the bed on both sides, and touch sensitive panels for controlling the lighting in the bathroom. If the guests pull the SOS push-button cord, the system automatically sends a notification to the reception regarding the room in which the action happened by means of using the software.