In the business and residential building, there are companies: Intec, specialist radiological practice SONS, server company room for renting, and two private residential unit. The company has equipped with 4 geothermal heat pump Swedish manufacturer NIBE which heat the object, sanitary hot water, pool on the roof, and cool server room at the same time. Although it is part of the smaller building, because of the complexity this system is one of the more complex from the side of control. Automation of the object was made using the newest StruxureWare – Schneider Electric controllers in the combination with TAC Xenta controllers and DALI gateway. Besides DALI an LonWorks protocol, ModBus protocol for communication with heat pump is used.

BMS is managing with all systems in the building which is consist of:

  • Operation and synchronization of heat pump operation,
  • Control of cold and hor water circulation pumps,
  • Well pump controlled,
  • Control of HPAC and passage valves,
  • Heating of sanitary water,
  • Pool heating,
  • Zoning and control of fan coil units in rooms including the server room
  • DALI lighting control.