Located close to the park and just a minute's walk from the Sava Promenade, BW Parkview strikes the perfect balance between the dynamic urban environment and the peace that staying in nature brings with it. Along 23 floors there are 244 apartments of all sizes, from studios to four-bedroom apartments with terraces.

The central monitoring and management system CSNU (SCADA) has been implemented in the towers. This means that there is a central unit, ie. server on which it is possible to monitor and manage all subsystems of ventilation of residential pantries, bathrooms and kitchens, which belong to the BMS project that are implemented on the SmartXController As-P with the necessary modules.

Also, overpressure is maintained in the elevator in the hallways and overpressure ventilation on the stairs, then the management of pumps for radiator heating, supervision of pumps for maintaining pressure in the hydrant system and other pumps for water supply in the building. In addition to these functions, there is also control and supervision of lighting and ventilation in garages.


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