Ada Mall Shopping Center is one of the largest shopping centers in Serbia, covering an area of 90 000 m2, of which 50 000m2 is spread over 5 floors above ground and 40 000m2 on 3 underground floors.

The mall has 1000 parking spaces, several levels of quality retail space and a multifunctional event space. In order to meet the highest energy standards, investors have decided to implement a building management system (BMS) that includes control of 34pcs of air handling unit, a heat substation with 4 heat pumps, 3 chillers and over 30 circulation pumps and associated valves that control cooling, heating and ventilating the entire facility.

Cooling and heating is set at 50,000m2 (part of a 34,000m2 rental space that includes 150 outlets), while the remaining 40,000m2 of the garage space is covered by ventilation. We also monitor sprinkler plant status, fire station status, drainage pumps and power monitoring system.


ada mall2

ada mall3